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What is Netmi?

NetMi is a high-tech online platform designed specifically to provide wide and direct access to modern high-yield digital investment instruments. It is owned and operated by NETMI LIMITED, the company is incorporated in the UK, registered №14815179, with headquarters at 106 Thingwall Road, Liverpool, England, L15 7LB.

How does the Netmi platform work?

The Netmi platform takes under management the digital assets of corporate clients and private investors. These funds are placed on trading, reserve, investment accounts of the company, and then used in trading operations on crypto exchanges, provided to ensure the liquidity of digital financial instruments, invested in promising blockchain startups. The assets are managed by qualified specialists whose work is aimed at preservation and growth of the capital entrusted by our clients and partners.

What are the requirements for investors, who can become a Netmi client?

Any person who has reached the age of 18 can invest, regardless of the country of residence and citizenship. To become a Netmi partner, you don't need a special education and your social status is not relevant. The only requirement is your compliance with the rules for use of the investment tools provided by the platform.

How do I register with Netmi?

The registration process is simple and totally free. You just need to click at a "Sign Up" button and fill in the form that opens. Make sure to study and accept our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. It is recommended to save or memorize your login and password. Once your sign up application is submitted, follow the instructions to confirm and activate your user account.

Is it possible to register multiple accounts from one device?

The rules of the platform do not prohibit creating multiple personal accounts from the same IP address and device. However, users are not allowed to register multiple accounts for one person. This means that relatives can activate personal accounts for themselves. In order to avoid problems, it is imperative to fill in the blanks of the registration form correctly, please, check the entered data carefully before submitting it. To deal with possible abuse, the administration of the platform reserves the right to require users to provide documents that verify their identity. During the verification process, investors' accounts may be put on hold.

Is it possible to change the password?

We recommend you to change your user password regularly in order to increase the protection of your personal account from intruders and preserve the security of funds on your investment accounts.

Is it possible to change the email address?

The e-mail specified during registration cannot be changed through the user profile panel, since it is used as a key for authorization and login to your personal account. To change your email address, please, contact the support service.

How can I restore access to my personal account if my username and password are lost?

Use the password recovery function. After its activation, all necessary instructions will be sent to your email to restore access to your personal account. Follow them exactly. If you encounter problems, please, contact technical support.

Can I delete my personal account?

The account can be deleted, but before that you need to make sure that there are no active investment deposits and free funds avalable in your account. If there are active deposits, wait for their maturity date and withdraw all funds. After that, you can initiate account cancellation process.

Log in to your personal account, fill out the contact form, and send it to the support service. Ask support to close your personal account. After that, you need to specify a passphrase to confirm ownership of the account. Then the support service specialists will complete the request, and your personal account will be deleted.

How to start investing?

Log in to your personal account, click on the "TOP UP" button. Use the form that opens to place a balance funding order. Select the method of payment and specify the amount to transfer. Make the payment by following instructions, and wait for the funds to be credited to your account balance. After that, proceed to "My investments" section, select the Staking plan, specify the amount of your stake and click at the "Start Staking" button.

How do the Staking plans work?

Let's say you have staked $1000 with the STANDARD Plan. In this case you will receive $8 each day for 210 calendar days. Your principal is irrevocable and included into daily returns. Your total ROI for the term will be $1680. After the staking period expires your staking plan closes. By this time you have your principal amount 100% repaid, and obtained 68% net profit.

What payment methods are available to top up the investment account?

The platform accepts the following crypto assets: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Tron, USDT-TRC20.

How long does it take for investment account funding transactions to be processed?

Transactions are usually processed instantly, however some payment methods (ex. BTC) require certain time for transfer confirmation. In this case it may take up to 24 hours or more. If such operation is not reflect on your account within 15 minutes, please contact our support service.

What is the minimum amount to invest on the platform?

The minimum investment amounts are indicated in US dollars, depending on the investment plan. You can get familiar with them on the "Staking Crypto" page of the company website.

Is it possible to withdraw my principal early?

No. Your principal is included into profits we pay you daily and can not be withdrawn from the trading pool.

Is it possible to stake funds from account balance?

Yes you can open a new Staking plan and invest with the funds that are accrued from the partner program and profits accumulated from staking. Look out for our Loyalty program special rates for re-investments available to our long term partners.

How many Staking plans can I start?

The number of Staking plans you can open is not limited. You can have several Staking plans running at the same time.

How do I withdraw funds from my personal account balance?

To make a withdrawal of assets, log in to your dashboard and click at "Withdraw" button. Use the form that opens to place a withdrawal order. Choose the payment method and specify the amount you want to withdraw. Before confirming the application, make sure that your payment wallet address is specified in the "Wallets" folder of your profile settings. Confirm the application by clicking at the "Withdraw" button, and wait for the payout process to be completed.

What is the minimum withdrawal amount?

The minimum withdrawal amount depends on the currency of the transaction:

CurrencyMin. amount
Bitcoin 20 USD
Ethereum 50 USD
Litecoin 10 USD
Dogecoin 10 USD
Tron 10 USD
EpayCore 0.1 USD
PerfectMoney 0.1 USD
Is it possible to change the payment system when ordering withdrawal of funds?

The rules of the service allow you to withdraw funds using only the currency the initial deposit was made with. Therefore, you cannot change the payment method.

How long does it take to process withdrawal requests?

Withdrawals are usually processed instantly, however some payment systems and currencies require certain time for transaction confirmation. In this case it may take up to 24 hours. The same concerns all types of system errors and force majeure situations. If your payment doesn't arrive within this time limit, please, contact our support service.

What should I do if the withdrawal request is not completed after 24 hours?

You need to contact Customer support and report a problem.

Does the platform have an affiliate program?

The Netmi investment platform offers all registered users to receive additional income for attracting new clients and partners. Our multi-level Affiliate program allows you to create a referral network to get extra profits and bonuses. Affiliate revenue comes from investments attracted by joint efforts of you and your partners. You can get familiar with the terms of the affiliate program and the partner remuneration system at the "Affiliate" page of the platform.

Where do I find my affiliate link?

Your affiliate link is listed in the "Affiliate system" section of your account dashboard. Your partner status , referral stats, and information about the users you attracted can also be found there.

Is it possible to use my referral link to open multiple accounts for myself?

The rules of the service prohibit this, but relatives, friends and acquaintances can become your referrals.

How does affiliate rewards system work?

Affiliate rewards get credited at the moment when your referral places assets in the company investment pool by making new stake. Commissions are paid directly to your account balance. The amount of reward depends on your partner status and the level where a new referral is placed in your affiliate network. Active partners are also encouraged by special bonuses for the volume of investment funds raised with their assistance.

Do I need to have an active deposit to participate in the affiliate program?

To participate in the affiliate program, it is not necessary to make personal investments. Registered users can earn money by attracting new referrals immediately after user account has been activated.

How does the platform protect the investors' personal data?

The service is hosted on securely protected servers. Users' personal information is always stored in encrypted form. Databases are also secured from unauthorize access. The rules of the platform stipulate that the management company can not transfer or sell data to third parties.

How can I increase the security level of my personal account?

To increase the security level of your account we strongly recommend you to change your password on a regular basis. You can also opt to turn on the secure authorization via email. After this login method is activated, you will need to enter a code that is sent to the e-mail specified during registration each time you want to access your personal account.

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