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Risk Notice

The Management Company of Netmi investment platform warns its clients and partners about the risks associated with any deals related to trading with crypto assets. Our financial analysts are in constant control over the market developments to minimize all possible negative impacts.

The profit is generated by high frequency trading with leverage on the crypto currency exchanges. These trading methods can bring high profits, but there is also a certain degree of risk. You should acknowledge and accept this risk prior to making investment decisions.

TTo reduce market risks, Netmi specialists use broad investment diversification. This is the distribution of invested funds between different asset classes. This scheme allows you to minimize losses and cover it at the expense of the profit received from trading other margin assets. Another proven way to reduce losses is to choose investment opportunities with the optimal risk and reward ratio. This principle is always used by the company's specialists to increase the profitability of trading, and minimize the possibility of complete loss of assets under management.

The main rule of a successful investor is to invest funds that can be lost without severe damage to the personal and family budget. Therefore, before investing your assets, please, analyze your own financial capabilities and weigh them against your expectations from investment activities.