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Use our unique accelerator system to increase daily interest and speed up the return of principal. Get various bonuses, and obtain internal NTM tokens, which you can sell later to receive even more profit.

Accelerator Bonuses

Bonuses are credited right after you make a new stake using the accelerator.
1 » Increased Profitability
Increased rate of daily returns
2 » Allocation of NTM Tokens
Provision of a certain number of custom NTM tokens.
3 » Cashback to the Main balance
Refund of part of the funds to the main balance after new stake has been created.
4 » Bonus to Premium balance
Receive a certain amount of premium bonus.
5 » Stake Amount Bonus (%)
Additional bonus as a percentage of the stake amount.
6 » Bonus to the stake amount ($)
Additional cash bonus to the stake amount.

Advantages of the NTM

The token rate grows on a daily basis. You can collect tokens, sell them later at a better price, and get additional profit.
NTM Price


Change in 24h


Change in a week


All-time change


After you purchase the accelerator, you will receive a certain amount of NTM tokens. These tokens are locked on a special account. As soon your accelerator is activated, the tokens will be unlocked and become available for sale. Each accelerator has its validity period. In case this period has expired, and accelerator has not been activated, your tokens will still get unlocked and you will be able to sell them any time as advantageous.


What are accelerators?
Accelerators are unique financial instruments of our company, which give each client the opportunity to increase the return on investment, receive various bonuses, and participate in the placement of an internal NTM token.
How does the accelerator work?
Let's say you purchase an accelerator at the price of $100 with the following features:

Allocation: 500 NTM (~ 105$ at the rate of 1NTM = 0.21$)
ROI increase: 30 days (+0.5%)
Cashback to the Main balance: +10.00$
Bonus on Premium balance: +100.00$
Bonus on the Stake amount: +3.00%
Bonus to the Stake amount: +20.00$

Immediately after the purchase, you receive 100 NTM to a special locked account. In case you make a stake in the amount of $1000 to the STANDARD plan (yielding you 0.8% per day for 210 days), the accelerator will allow you to get an increase of 0.5% to the base daily percentage for a period of 30 days. In this case your daily ROI will be up to 1.3% for the first 30 days, then during the remaining 180 days you will continue to receive 0.8% daily. Additionally, you will receive a $10 cashback to your main balance, as well as a $100 bonus to the Premium balance, and extra bonuses to the stake amount + 3% and + $20. The total amount of the stake with all bonuses and benefits will come to $1050. Also, immediately after activation, your 500 NTM tokens will be available for sale. When you sell your tokens in the amount of 500 NTM, you will receive up to $105 at the rate of 0.21$ for 1 NTM. As a result, you will return the funds you spent on the accelerator and make a profit.

Even if you don't activate the accelerator, it has an expiration date, after which the NTM tokens will still be unlocked and become available for sale. You can activate the accelerator yourself or give it to another participant. In this case you will receive earnings from the sale of your tokens, and the other participant will receive all the other bonuses.
How do I purchase an accelerator?
To purchase an accelerator, login to your personal account and proceed to the “Accelerators” section, select the desired accelerator block and click “Purchase”. After the purchase, you will receive a special code that must be specified when you make a new stake.
How do I activate the accelerator?
After purchasing the accelerator, you can find it on the “My Accelerators” page. Copy its code, and while making a stake at the My Investments - New Contribution section, click on the “Use Accelerator” button. After the stake has been made, the accelerator will come into effect, and all bonuses that come with it will be credited and applied.
How do I sell NTM tokens?
You will be able to sell the tokens from the locked account at the current rate either as soon as you activate the accelerator, or another participant makes use of it. If the accelerator expires, the tokens will also be unlocked and you will be able to sell them. If you activate the accelerator yourself, you will receive all bonuses owing to you, and your NTM tokens will be unlocked. If the accelerator expires and it has not been activated, the bonuses will be invalid. Nevertheless, the tokens will be unlocked and become available for sale.
What are the limitations of accelerators?
You can buy no more than 5 accelerators in each block available for sale! Each accelerator has an expiration date, a condition on the minimum stake amount, or a restriction to the certain Staking plan.