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Privacy policy

The managing company of Netmi investment platform is aware of the importance of user’s confidentiality. Therefore, a special attention is given to the data security of all registered partners. The personal information provided is reliably protected from falling into the hands of third parties with the use of advanced technologies. The rules and features of the collection, processing, storage of personal information is here below.
The following data is considered personal information:
  1. The first name and surname of the investor;
  2. Email address;
  3. Personal account;
  4. Login, the unique name of the investor on the platform;
  5. Location.

Data collection is done with the express consent of the investor. Personal info is stored in secure databases.

What information is collected when logging into the Netmi personal account:
  1. Your IP address;
  2. Your Internet Provider;
  3. Your location and country of residence;
  4. Your browser and operating system.

The information listed above is collected not to be provided to third parties, but to ensure security and prevent possible abuse of company rules.

How the data of registered investors is stored.

The information is collected and stored on servers owned by the company that manages the Netmi platform. No third parties are involved. The collection, processing, storage, and deletion of data is carried out in strict confirmity with international rules.

All Netmi partners are guaranteed that personal, public information is not to be transferred to third parties and third-party companies. The data transfers are possible only with the user's consent as part of the provision of investment services.

To ensure security, the data on crypto and other payment wallets of electronic payment systems are not stored on company servers.

The email address specified during registration is used to notify about changes that relate to the operation of the Netmi platform. News about the introduction of new tools, changes of rules, and the results of sweepstakes and draws are sent to customer’ email.

Contact Information

To clarify information regarding the collection, processing, storage of personal data, please, write to the company support using e-mail