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Terms of Service

General provisions

This document regulates the relationships between the Management Company of the Netmi platform and its Users. It defines the rights and obligations of the parties, the rules for the use of services provided.

  • The terms of service herewith have been developed on the basis of international legal standards and business practices.
  • In order to use the services of the platform, the User must familiarize himself with the Terms and agree to be bound by them.
  • Ignorance of the Terms of service does not exempt from liability for non-compliance with them.
  • If the user becomes a customer of the service and accepts the Terms, he automatically undertakes to comply with them.

Registration and access to service

  • The services of the platform are available for capable persons who have reached the age of majority by the laws of their country of residence. By all means the User must be at least 18 years of age.
  • In order to use the services of the platform, the person needs to register and create a personal account.
  • While creating a personal account, the User must familiarize himself with the Terms of the service and accept them. He also confirms the age of majority.
  • To create a personal account, the User needs to specify his username, password, and provide the current email address.
  • The login must be unique, the password must contain numbers and letters. The User is solely responsible for the safety of his authorization details. It is forbidden to hand them over to third parties.
  • The creation of multiple accounts with the personal data of one and the same User is prohibited.
  • Upon successful registration, the User must log in to his personal account, fill in the personal profile, specify payment details for depositing and withdrawing funds, and configure security settings.


The management company accepts the free funds of registered Users at the investment platform under the following conditions:

  • Prior to start using the investment management service, the User must familiarize himself with the available investment plans, their profitability, expiration date, minimum and maximum amounts of investments.
  • The User decides to place funds to the investment platform at his own accord. At the same time, he thoroughly assesses his financial capabilities, understands and accepts all risks.
  • Funding of the investment account is carried out through the Top up section of the personal user account.
  • The transfer of funds to an investment account gets the status of a private transaction between the Management Company and the User.
  • The User can choose from a selection of payment systems that are available at the investment platform to top up the investment account.
  • The assets transferred to the personal account are converted and counted in USD.
  • The Staking is activated after funds from account balance are allocated to it.
  • The User is allowed to make an unlimited number of Stakes. Each new Stake is considered a separate transaction.
  • Profit on investments is accrued in accordance with the rate of return of the selected Staking plan. The ROI is credited to the User's account in USD. After the end of the investment term, the Stake expires, by this time the profit and principal is paid in full.

Affiliate Program

The management company encourages users to attract new investors to the platform. Each registered user can participate in the affiliate program and gets access to a multi-level bonus system.

  • Detailed information on the amount of incentives, conditions for receiving bonuses, and participation in promotions is published on the company's website.
  • Personal investment is not required to participate in the affiliate program. The User is free to decide whether to take part in it or not.
  • A new investor who has registered on the platform via the referral link of the User is assigned to his affiliate network on a permanent basis.
  • Remuneration is paid for the investment activity of referrals.
  • Commissions are credited to the User's account balance immediately after his referral has made a stake.
  • Personal affiliate links are allowed to be advertised and distributed by any legal means.
  • It is strictly prohibited to distribute the link through mass spam mailings.


  • The amount of funds displayed at the User's account main balance is available for immediate withdrawal.
  • An application for money transfer can be submitted at any time at the User discretion.
  • The withdrawal amount must not be less than the minimum set by the Management Company.
  • Investor's funds can only be withdrawn in the currency which was used for funding of the User's investment account. The platform does not provide for asset conversion and consolidation of accounts with different currencies.
  • Withdrawal requests are executed instantly. The actual time of crediting of funds to Users' ecurrency wallets depends on the particular payment system transaction processing time.
  • In case of system failures, withdrawal requests are processed manually. In this case they are executed within 24 hours from the moment the withdrawal is ordered.

Obligations of the Service

The management company undertakes tо fulfill the following obligations:

  • Ensure the smooth operation of the investment platform, round-the-clock access of Users to personal accounts and functional services.
  • Provide for safe storage and regular backups of personal data, secure funds on user accounts in case of system failures and technical problems.
  • Use funds entrusted by the User to perform investment and marketing activities, in order to generate profits and gain financial benefits for the User.
  • Guarantee timely accruals of investment profits, partner remuneration and bonuses.
  • Process withdrawal requests of funds available at User accounts, according to the current Terms.
  • Ensure the confidentiality of information related to financial transactions of the User.
  • Inform Users about technical work schedules and situations that restrict access to personal accounts.
  • Respond to User requests on 24/7 basis, solve difficult, controversial situations.

Responsibilities of the User

After registration, the User agrees to accept the following responsibilities:

  • Read the Terms of Service of the investment platform, agree with them, and strictly follow them.
  • Provide relevant, authentic personal data, and update it during the use of the service functions.
  • Assume full responsibility for the safety of login, password, and the consequences of their transfer to third parties.
  • Protect his personal account from unauthorized access using the standard security settings provided by the service.
  • To place funds to an investment account after a voluntary decision and detailed analysis of all financial opportunities.
  • Not to provide third parties with data about the operation of the service, which are considered to be confidential.
  • To attract referrals under affiliate program only by permitted methods.

Responsibility for non-compliance with the rules of the service

The management company reserves the right to use penalties, impose restrictions, up to blocking the account with investment funds for non-compliance by Users with the Terms of the service. Sanctions are applied in case the following violations have been detected:

  • The User has indicated obviously irrelevant and incorrect personal data.
  • The User was found to create more than one personal account in order to receive bonuses.
  • Actions of the User that disrupt the operation of the service, make harm to the software, including hacking attempts.
  • The user attracts referrals by spam mailings, distributes information that misleads potential customers of the service.
  • Posting information that causes reputational damage to the Management Company. Spreading false, slanderous comments and messages.


  • The Management Company undertakes not to transfer Users' personal data to third parties. The exception is the written consent of the client of the platform.
  • The Management Company undertakes to preserve personal information, protect it from destruction and unauthorised access of third parties.
  • The personal data of registered Users is stored on servers protected by encryption technology and other modern technological methods.
  • The Management Company initiates a multi-level verification of Users during authorization, in order to protect access to the personal account and secure funds available on investment accounts.
  • Personal data of Users is used to resolve disputes, eliminate technical problems only.

Limitation of liability

  • The management company is not responsible for losses caused by circumstances that fall into the category of force majeure. These are natural disasters, changes in legislation, regulations of the authorities, military conflicts, failures in the operation of payment systems and blockchains.
  • The management company is not responsible for losses that resulted from system failures, technical problems on the side of the blockchain, payment systems. Also, the Management Company is not responsible for losses due to the restrictions put on Users' wallets by payment services, and changes in the terms of their use.
  • The Management company is not responsible for losses incurred as a result of login, password information being compromised through the fault of the User. The Client is responsible for protecting computers and laptops from malware (keyloggers, viruses, Trojans) that are used to steal personal data and hack accounts.
  • The Management Company takes the User's consent to exampt it from liability for losses incurred as a result of investment activities. The Client is aware of the risks of transferring funds to third parties, understands that the investment results obtained in the past is not a guarantee of the same future performance.

User Support

  • All Users and future customers of the service have the right to receive additional information from technical support specialists.
  • To contact the support service, the customer can use the following methods: feedback form, email, Telegram.
  • The User must keep friendly and polite manners when contacting the support service to prevent controversial, ambiguous and stressful situations.

Amendments to the current rules

  • The Management Company has the right to change the Rules of the service without the consent of customers.
  • The Management Company informs Users about changes in the rules of use of the investment platform through publications on the official website.
  • Unless specified otherwise, the changes come into force from the moment of posting a message about them on the official website of the service.