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Premium Program is an opportunity to fast start your business at Netmi platform if you are either low on funds and wish to try the platform for free, without any initial investments, or if you wish to supplement your earnings with some extra income by participating in a community life and spreading the word about Netmi investment services. All you need to do is to perform some simple paid tasks, collect the bonuses at your Premium balance and invest them into Premium Staking plans, which pay real returns direct to your Account balance. Thrilled with a chance of getting some free cash? Let’s get started!



Access our website
Sign up for an account or login to existing one, then click on “Receive” button.


Verify your E-mail address
Right after registration you will get a message with guidelines to verify your E-mail address. Follow the procedure and validate your E-mail.
Authorization required


Complete your user profile
Fill in all the fields in your user profile and save all data.
Authorization required


Subscribe to our Telegram channel
Subscription entitles you receive 10$ to your Premium balance. If you leave the channel this bonus is cancelled.
Authorization required


Join our Telegram chat
Sign up for our Telegram chat, then get back to this page and click on “Specify Telegram ID” button.
Authorization required


Write a review and give us 5* mark at H-metrics
Go to H-metrics, post a review, point at your review link, and receive 15$ to your Premium balance as soon as our support checks it.
Authorization required


Post a review to our Telegram chat
Get to our Telegram chat. Post a review. Supply us with a link to it, and get 10$ after our moderators check it.
Authorization required


Affiliate structure turnover from 500$
Refer new investors for a total amount of stakes over 500$, and get 200$ to your Premium balance on top of your regular affiliate rewards.
Authorization required


Total amount of stakes over $1000
Top up your account and make stakes to a total amount of $1000 or more and get $500 bonus to your Premium Balance. Premium stakes do not count.
Authorization required


Video review or video feedback on Youtube
Record a video review or make a video comment on YouTube. Your channel must have at list 100 subscribers.
Authorization required


Video about us on TikTok
Record a video about us on TikTok. Your profile must have at least 100 subscribers.
Authorization required


Write a review and rate us on Trustpilot
Get to the Trustpilot website, write a detailed review, give us a 5* rate. To get the bonus, provide us with a link to the review or to your Trustpilot profile.
Authorization required


Post a comment in our thread at the MMGP.COM forum
Log in to the MMGP.COM forum, write a comment about us and provide us with a link to it. The bonus will be issued after verification.
Authorization required


Write on Facebook about us
Make a post about our platform in your Facebook profile. The post must be active and visible for at least 10 days. If you delete a post after receiving a bonus, all your bonuses will be canceled. You must have at least 100 people as friends.
Authorization required


Stories about us on Instagram
Make stories about us on Instagram. You will get your bonus credited 20 hours after publication. You must have at least 100 subscribers.
Authorization required


Participate in our Prize Raffle
Become an active participant of our Prize Raffle and you will be entitled for a bonus.
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Subscribe to our Twitter
Follow us on Twitter. Specify your username. Unsubscribing will cancel all your bonuses.
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Write a review about us and like us on Twitter
Write a review about our service and like our twits. Specify a link for verification.
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Connect your Telegram
Log in to your dashboard with your Telegram account.
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Take part in a Poll
Participate in our Polls on different topics and earn rewards to your Premium balance.
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What do I do with the funds accumulated at my Premium balance?
Use the bonuses you collected to invest into Premium Staking plans, which pay real returns to your account balance that you can withdraw or reinvest for even more profit. Premium stakes however do not pay Affiliate fees for your upline and the amount of stakes are not released to your main account balance at the end of term.
I have done with all tasks. Do you plan to add new ones?
Yes, we will add new tasks on a regular basis, so that all investors can benefit. Stay on alert and watch for the news at our Telegram channel, and visit this page daily.
Are the bonuses limited by time?
No, once you have received the bonus for a task completed, it is stored at your Premium balance till you decide to make use of it by investing into Premium Staking plans.
Where to find my Telegram ID?
Telegram ID is your unique user identifier. In order to find it, please, open Telegram bot @MyNetmiBot and click on /start.
What is the minimum amount to invest into Premium Staking plan?
The minimum amount to start Premium staking is 100$. It is enough to perform just a few tasks to start making real profits for free. Complete as many tasks as you can to grow your Premium balance to be able to invest into more lucrative staking options.
Are the bonuses credited immediately after I click on “Receive” button?
Some tasks are paid for instantly; some require manual verification by our Support service. It might take several hours to check a task and credit the bonus, but don’t worry if the task is completed, and all conditions are met, your will get properly rewarded.